Ana Mamani Quispe is 38 years old and since 2007 she has been a client of CRECER IFD – Institución Financiera de Desarrollo, a microcredit institution refinanced by the IIV Microfinance Fund. Ana and her husband Leonardo Choque live with their 19-year-old son in the village of Bravo, where they grow cereals and fruit.

In the face of the pandemic and in order not to lose their sales market, they have decided to use WhatsApp and the Internet to secure the sale of their products. She communicated with so many people by using WhatsApp, video conferencing and chatting as much as possible.

Through the use of social media, Ana and her family were able to continue working during the pandemic period and offer their seasonal fruit production. In addition, thanks to the loan from CRECER IFD, Ana was able to purchase agricultural inputs such as corn seed.


In this video, 33-year-old coffee farmer César Marín of La Chacra D’Dago, Peru, tells how the financial institution Abaco accompanied him and his business in 2021. It was the first time he worked with a cooperative bank like Abaco and acquired a loan. The financial institution not only assisted him with financing, but also showed him ways to successfully guide the company through the Corona pandemic.


Martha Castellon Cerda, also known as Lisseth, is a mother of three from Nicaragua and knows the value of hard work and perseverance. In the past, Lisseth and her husband were forced to move to Costa Rica to find a job. During her time there, she worked in a bar, in a restaurant and for the Costa Rican government. However, Lisseth and her husband dreamed of raising their children in Nicaragua.

When they had saved enough money, they moved back to Nicaragua. They have now been running their bakery since 2002. Every morning, she and her husband start baking at six o’clock and don’t close the store until 9 p.m. They also sell the bread that is produced. They sell the bread that is produced to individuals and merchants. Even with stiff competition from other bakeries, Lisseth’s business stands out for its high-quality products and tireless work ethic.


This admirable work ethic, coupled with the support of several loans from the financial institution FINCA International, has enabled Lisseth to grow her business and provide a brighter future for her family.

Lisseth’s bakery has improved the lives of not only her family members, but others in her community and beyond. Her success has allowed her to create jobs for several people, including four full-time employees as well as many other seasonal workers from surrounding communities. Because of her success, Lisseth plans to open a second location within a year.

Her success motivates her to work every day for the future of her children. She hopes that her children will have a hopeful future with financial security as a result.

My children’s dream is that they can study at university and pursue a professional career. I believe that I have prepared the way for them to do so.

Martha Lisseth Castellon Cerda

FINCA International is a non-profit microfinance organization founded in 1984 by John Hatch. The name FINCA is an acronym for Foundation for International Community Assistance.