Pioneers in Impact Investments

Who we are

Invest in Visions GmbH was founded in 2006 by Edda Schröder with the aim of providing institutional and private investors with access to impact investments. These are investments that offer a social return in addition to financial returns. In 2011, we reached an important milestone and initiated the first microfinance fund that is also open to private investors in Germany together with the fund administration company HANSAINVEST.

In addition to microfinance, we are also involved in financing small and medium-sized enterprises. The product solutions here are investment funds managed by us that focus on developing and emerging countries.

Your Partner of Choice for Impact Investing

Our Mission

As a provider of impact investments, we are guided by the firm conviction that societies and companies can be changed positively with the help of investments.

Our goal is therefore not only to preserve and increase the capital of investors, but to use it in such a way that it can have a positive impact. Impact orientation is at the core of our corporate philosophy. For this reason, we invest the assets entrusted to us in impact investments as part of the financial portfolio management.

Among other things, we are one of the trail blazers of microfinance investments in Germany. As a pioneer, in 2011 we initiated the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds as the first fund in this asset class for private and institutional investors.

Enabling Happiness

What we do

Together with our partners, we aim to improve the socio-economic environment of the countries and regions in which we make private-sector investments with the help of the funds we manage. In accordance with the respective investment rules, investments are therefore also always examined by our portfolio management team for their profitability, sustainability, ethical harmlessness and suitability with regard to the existing social and geopolitical structures. Our focus is where the need and the impact to be achieved are greatest: on developing and emerging countries. When we founded the company, we committed ourselves to the goal of making sustainable investments in the promotion of development and business development accessible to the broadest possible group of investors. We see ourselves as a link between the – sometimes very different – worlds of investors and sub-borrowers. We are a partner you can rely on even in difficult phases – because we are convinced of the purpose of our investment funds and see them as long-term.

Our history

Timeline IIV


Company formation

Edda Schröder founds Invest in Visions GmbH and thus becomes a pioneer in the field of impact investing in Germany.


Initiation of the Wallberg Global Microfinance Fund

One of the first German microfinance funds for institutinoal investors is set up in cooperation with Wallberg.


Setup of the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds

With the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds, we launched the first German microfinance fund that is also accessible to private investors.


Portfolio Management License

Invest in Visions received permission to conduct financial portfolio management.



Relocation from Querstrasse to Schubertstrasse, Frankfurt am Main.


EUR 500 Million Mark

The IIV Mikrofinanzfonds exceeds the fund volume threshold of EUR 500 million.



Relocation to a larger office from Schubertstrasse to Freiherr-vom-Stein-Strasse, Frankfurt am Main.


Fondsfrauen Award

Edda Schröder receives the "Woman of the Year" award from the organization "Fondsfrauen"


Boutique Award

The IIV Mikrofinanzfonds is awarded "Best Credit Fund" at the Fund Boutique Awards.


EUR 1 billion assets under management

Invest in Visions manages more than one billion euros in assets.


Initiation of the IIV Sustainable SME Debt Fund EM

The fund is used to refinance small and medium-sized companies in developing and emerging countries.


Participation of FS Invest Holding GmbH

Munich-based inveestor FS Invest Holding GmbH comes on board as anchor shareholder to support our continuous growth


Extension of the management

From single to double leadership: COO Lars Siebert becomes second managing director.