Red Globe LLC
Eastern Europe

Sustainable agriculture in Azerbaijan

A success story from Zira, Azerbaijan: Red Globe LLC, which has become a pioneer in organic production, was able to expand its business thanks to an SME loan from TuranBank. At a time when more and more people are paying attention to their diet and prefer organic products, this is an impressive example of sustainable agriculture.

The Red Globe LLC company is one of the pioneers in growing organic vegetables in Azerbaijan. It was founded seven years ago in Zira, a district on the outskirts of the capital Baku, and is specifically engaged in growing organic tomatoes and grapes. Seven years ago, Red Globe LLC was still a small business in organic crop production.

Thanks to the support of TuranBank, the company has been able to establish itself as a leading supplier of organic products in its region. In addition to serving as a role model for sustainable cultivation, the company also provides important employment for the surrounding villagers during harvest time. TuranBank’s loans helped Red Globe LLC gradually upgrade irrigation systems and other equipment needed for cultivation. Modern and durable greenhouses were also built. In addition, TuranBank also helped the company gain more know-how in the area of efficient production increase.

In addition to its success in producing healthy food, Red Globe LLC has been able to employ over 80 people during the harvest season, providing an income opportunity for the people and families in the surrounding villages.

The company strongly believes that organic fruits and vegetables are important for human health. It plans to further expand its organic operation and hopes to make a positive social impact by providing employment opportunities.

We are proud that this investment has contributed to the United Nations’ 8th Sustainable Development Goal, “decent work and economic growth.” It demonstrates how positive change can be created through SME financing and sustainable agriculture.