Petru Schiopu
Eastern Europe

Petrus Magic Mirror

How about a mirror that plays your favorite music, walks itself in after you shower, and automatically responds to movement? Sounds magical doesn’t it? Not for Petru Schiopu’s team, who can turn any mirror into something more than just a decorative element. In 2018, Petru Schiopu approached the microfinance institute Microinvest and presented his vision and ideas from Millory. The business idea includes the individualized development of LED-illuminated premium mirrors. There is no function that Petru Schiopu could not implement with his company.

From the very beginning, Microinvest has believed in us and our idea.

Petru Schiopu

Microinvest’s first loan was taken for the purchase of equipment such as machines, tools and raw materials. Later, thanks to another loan, Petru invested in a company car to ensure delivery and installation of the mirrors. For over 19 years, Microinvest has been supporting Moldovan companies and individuals who choose to improve their quality of life through their own ambition. In the case of Petru with success! Petru reports that there were many ups and downs.

Over time, the company went through all phases of corporate development: competition, lack of personnel, unstable order situation. But Microinvest has always stood by them. Now, for the next 5 years, Petru and his team at Millory plan to enter the European market to produce more than 10,000 mirrors per month and decorate people’s homes with smart mirrors. We congratulate Petru and his team from the bottom of our hearts for their success.