Naim Takaci
Eastern Europe
Fondi BESA

Naim and his dairy business in Albania

Naim Takaci got the idea of opening his own small dairy business from his parents, who worked in livestock farming and were involved in the production of dairy products. However, the difficulty was to sell the dairy products. So Naim started a small dairy business in his hometown using the products from his parents’ farm.

He decided to open a branch in the capital Tirana after a successful start of the business in the countryside. To do this, he needed start-up capital to finance the machinery and equipment. Through friends, Naim learned about Fondi BESA, one of the most important microfinance institutions in the country.

The loan from Fondi BESA enabled him to start a business with his own production and sales, with the whole family helping. With a second loan from Fondi BESA and – as Naim points out – the support and personal interaction of the loan officer, Naim was able to meet the increasing demand and ensure the high quality of his products.

Fondi BESA speaks of Naim as a reliable customer who always pays back his installments on time and is extremely committed to successfully selling quality dairy products with his farm.