The IIV Mikrofinanzfonds celebrates its 10th anniversary

12. October 2021 Nawid Jusofie Business Development Manager

In mid-October 2011, the fund market in Germany was enriched by a new member – the IIV Microfinance Fund. A fund with a pioneering spirit: It was the first microfinance fund on the German market that is also open to private investors and behind which Edda Schröder stands with heart and soul:

The initial spark for me at that time was an institutional fund initiated by KfW. The concept of microfinance ‘helping people to help themselves’ fascinated me from the very beginning. Without further ado, I flew to Peru to take a closer look at how microfinance works locally. When I landed back in Frankfurt, I quit my job and founded Invest in Visions. It was a long, varied road to the finish.

Edda Schröder, Founder and Managing Director of Invest in Visions GmbH

After intensive preparations with the capital management company and discussions with the responsible authorities at the supervisory authorities on the practical implementation of an open-ended microfinance fund, the IIV Microfinance Fund was launched in October 2011. At that time still a lone fighter in her company, 25 people currently work at Invest in Visions and the fund has grown from 1.5 million euros at that time to 804 million euros (as of 30.09.2021). The first microfinance institution (MFI) to invest in was Oxus in Tajikistan.

Oxus continues to be a partner MFI of the IIV Microfinance Fund. We have accompanied it in good times as well as in difficult times – a sign of our continuity and our partnership-based thinking

Edda Schröder