Sustainable Agriculture


Protecting natural resources and your assets

Sustainable agriculture

There are some 7,2 billion people living on earth, and the latest research findings tell us that rapid growth is imminent. According to analyses by the United Nations (UN), there is an 80-percent likelihood that the global population will have grown to 9.6 to 12.3 billion by 2100. We don’t need to look far ahead into the future to become aware of the challenges posed by global food security. If, for example - as predicted by experts – global demand for cereals doubles in the coming three to four decades, we face the daunting task of preventing harming future generations through irreversible environmental damage. The promotion of sustainable farming systems is very significant in this context.

For developing and emerging countries in particular, promoting sustainable agriculture is important, both ecologically and socially. A number of studies impressively demonstrate that economic growth in agriculture is twice as effective in combating poverty than in other areas of the economy. What is more, the continuing high demand for organic foods and fair trade products brings interesting investment opportunities.

Institutional investors currently have attractive investment opportunities, such as in microfinance institutes specialising in agriculture, and in agricultural cooperatives in developing countries.


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