IIV Mikrofinanz-Anleihe (Bearer Bond)

The IIV Mikrofinanz-Anleihe is a bearer bond under Luxembourg law and aim to replicate the performance of IIV Mikrofinanzfonds (Microfinance fund) as closely as possible. These bonds are suitable for both institutional investors and investors who satisfy the requirements of a professional investor under MiFID II.

The IIV Mikrofinanzfonds (nominal value: EUR 1,000) is a Delta 1 Note. By acquiring these notes, investors share in the returns of the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds. A minimum subscription of EUR 200,000 is required. During its term, this product may be returned to the issuer (von der Heydt Securitisation Fund SA) quarterly on fixed redemption dates. Between these redemption dates, the IIV Mikrofinanz-Anleihe may be sold on the bond market. Bonds are scheduled to be listed within 12 months of their date of issuance on 15 May 2020.

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