IIV Mikrofinanzfonds

The purchase and sale of shares


1. How can I purchase shares in the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds?

The IIV Mikrofinanzfonds is a mutual fund and is therefore available from any bank, savings bank, direct bank or fund platform. All you need is a securities account. Copy the following ISINs or WKNs into your online banking system or instruct your bank or savings bank advisor to do this for you.

You have the option of investing in shares of share R – Class from a sum of EUR 100. Alternatively, we also offer share I – Class from a sum of EUR 30,000.

Both tranches are open to private investors. The share class is eligible for savings plans, but not all banks or fund platforms offer this service for long-term asset accumulation. Please contact your bank or savings bank advisor for more information.


2. When can I buy / sell shares?

The fund can be purchased on monthly record dates and sold quarterly. Purchase orders must be submitted to the depositary by the 20th of each month (or the next bank opening day) via their bank, savings bank or fund platform.

Sell orders must be submitted by the 20th (or the next bank opening day) of the months of February, May, August and November. The purchase orders received up to the respective reporting date are usually executed at the end of the month or, in the case of sales, at the end of the quarter, usually with a two-day value date. This means that, for example, if you purchase shares of the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds on the second working day of the new month, the acquired shares will be credited to your custody account and your account will be debited with the purchase equivalent in return.

The exact dates can be found in the current order calendar.


Invest in Visions does not verify whether an investment in the IIV Mikrofinanzfonds is in line with your individual investment objectives. Invest in Visions cannot assess whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience necessary to assess the risks of your investment decision. This information is no substitute for investor and investment-oriented advice from a professional investment advisor. You will find on our website all the legally required, essential information and documents to help you understand the nature, risk, costs and possible profits and losses of this investment product.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Invest in Visions team.