Victor Efros could build up his vineyard plantation

Victor Efros, a 60-year-old agronomist, started a business 11 years ago, by planting a vineyard in Pașcani village, Criuleni District. Even though this is a very popular business model in the Republic of Moldova, Victor has something different to offer to the market - Moldovan grapes, grown according to European method. Victor has been running his own businesses for a long time, starting with a rabbit farm and fodder production.  Later, he began to learn more about grapes and vineyards, participated in numerous national and international seminars, and then decided to invest in a vineyard plantation.

Nowadays, Victor and his son are very proud of 10 hectares of high quality grapes.  
Vine growing business is a seasonal one, and Mr. Efros’ team is always changing. In the off-season his team includes 5 members, but for growing season he needs more than 20 people to complete all the works on time.

Victor became a Microinvest client after he had decided to introduce automatization processes in his vineyard. The loan he received allowed him to buy modern equipment and machinery. He also was able to build a modern refrigerating facility to ensure optimal storage conditions for grapes.


Victor’s vineyard has something that makes it different - at the beginning of each vine row a rose bush is growing. First of all, roses make the plantation more colorful, but what is more important, the rose has the same immune system as the grapevine, and its petals are first to show signs of any illness. This way, our agronomist manages to keep his vineyard healthy.

Thanks to a transparent and sucessfull cooperation, Microinvest remains a trusted partner for Victor`s business and thanks to the approved credit limit, he can apply at any time for a new loan.
One of the biggest goal of  Microinvest is the continuous business development of the clients
and the company offers the best options and full support in this process.