Nino received a Microcredit to open up new flower shops

Flower designer Nino Peikrishvili, 27 years old, runs a small business in Tbilisi, namely flower shops in the city center of town. Nino started her business ten years ago, when she was 19 with low financial expense  and opened her first small flower shop. Nowadays she rents 4 shops and leads a team of eight employees. Her shops are very popular and well-known for its assortment of different types of flowers.

Nino can be characterized as a straightforward person, always looking for further developments and opportunities - five years ago she added another direction to her business – decorating events and weddings. Nowadays her employess work 24/7 and she offers online delivery to customers as well. She improved online channels of communication as well and maintained always a close contact to customers via Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and her own web page. Nino imported new decoration materials for flowers whereby now she has a large selection of flower buckets wrapped and packaged in nice boxes. According to Nina her goal was to offer different products to distinguished target groups. Nowaday she is lucky about the achievement of her goal especially with the support of FINCA Bank.

“My friend recommended me FINCA Bank. I applied for a microcredit to buy new decorations - papers, baskets and boxes. The loan officer prepared all documents within one day and a few days later I already had the money on my account. I am very happy and satisfied about the fast and comfortable services that FINCA bank provides. The bank created excellent customer experience for me and I received not only a microcredit, but very useful advises how to improve my business”, says Nino.   

Nino summerises that the most important things for success are to do the job which makes you happy, to have clear a vision how to start and develop and to have the right partners ready to support.  

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