The Microcredit secures the education for her Children

Martha “Lisseth” Castellon Cerda, a mother of three from Nicaragua, knows the value of hard work and perseverance. Throughout her life she has never ceased to work towards her goals and provide for her family.

In the past, Lisseth and her husband were forced to move to Costa Rica to secure jobs. During this time Lisseth worked in a bar, in a restaurant and even for the government of Costa Rica. However, Lisseth and her husband dreamed of raising their children in Nicaragua. Once they had saved up enough money they moved back to Nicaragua and Lisseth started her business. 

Lisseth has been running her bakery in Nicaragua for ten years. Each morning, she and her husband start baking at 6 am and do not close the business until 9 pm. The baked bread is not only sold to private consumers but also to other merchants. However, the current competition between bakeries is very strong, Lisseth's bakery succeeds because of her high-quality products und her tireless work ethic.This admirable work ethic, combained with the assistance of several FINCA microcredits, has enabled Lisseth to grow her enterprise and to provide a better future for her family.

Lisseth’s bakery has not only improved the life of her own family. She also made a significant contribution to her community. Due to the success of her business, she has created new job opportunities, including four full-time employees as well as seasonal workers from nearby communities.

Her success motivates Lisseth every day tow work on her goal to ensure her childern a future o financial security. She hopes that her children have a bright and prosperous future; something that every parent can relate to.

“The dream for my children is that they can study at university and have a professional career… I feel that I have prepared the path for them”.

Lisseth plans to open a second location in the near future.

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