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Invest in Visions is your expert for Impact Investing - and we take this seriously. To ensure that each of your investments generates an impact, we look at financial and sustainable key performance indicators when selecting microfinance institutions.

We also like to take a closer look. In the case of Crecer IFD, we are pleased to present a microfinance institution that generates its own unique impact. In addition to providing financial services, Crecer IFD also cares about the health and personal growth of its credit borrowers. In the following, you will gain a small insight into the work of Crecer IFD:

How exactly did microfinance institute Crecer IFD come into existence?

The microfinance institution CRECER IFD Bolivia has a special corporate history. Its history began with a program carried out by the non-governmental organization "Freedom from Hunger" with the goal of combating malnutrition and creating opportunities for underprivileged people." But that was not enough. The program goal eventually evolved into the provision of integrated financial and educational services to women from low-income backgrounds in order to improve their health, welfare and the economic situation of their families. This was the founding hour of CRECER IFD.

How big is the microfinance institution today?

CRECER IFD operates in nine urban and rural areas of Bolivia with 74 agencies and more than 1,600 employees.

CRECER IFD has made a name for itself among development finance institutions as a leading microfinance institution in more than 20 years of commitment to disadvantaged populations, especially women. In doing so, it has maintained its philosophy as a social enterprise, enabling the inclusion of underprivileged populations in the financial system.

What is Crecer IFD's mission?

To meet the institutional philosophy and provide services at high levels of quality and service orientation, CRECER IFD has introduced six thematic axes of its financial services. These are integrated in development services and coincide with the business model to offer real opportunities for growth primarily to women and their families.

The business model was developed in the context of the reality and needs of Bolivian women, who have few economic resources in the areas of nutrition, health, education, social security and housing, each with indicators to measure the proposed objectives.

How is the provision of financial services related to cancer screening?

One of the greatest contributions of Crecer IFD has undoubtedly been in bringing thousands of people into the financial system through small loans within community banks, mostly through group lending.

Another important contribution of Crecer IFD is the extraordinary offer of training courses such as those on the prevention of uterine cancer, the main cause of female mortality in Bolivia.

The institute also places great emphasis on the technical training of its end-borrowers, also in the form of training courses. The aim is to promote the use of technologies and mobile devices for better customer communication and the right use of the Internet to make their business processes more efficient. Training is also provided on how to use social networks.

What a nice Impact!

Invest in Visions thanks Crecer IFD for its engagement and initiatives and hopes for a long and fruitful cooperation.

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