Prum Then, Three-wheeler taxi driver could cut his fuel costs in half

Since the import of the three-wheeler from India, people have turned to use their services more than my old traditional three-wheeler. For this reason he decided to ask for a loan of USD 3,550 for 48 months from LOLC microfinancde institution to buy a new Bajaj RE205, three-wheeler combination of LPG (liquified petrol gas) and petrol. The new three-wheeler cut the fuel costs in half since it is on LPG rather than petrol.

Prum Then lives in Ang Snuol district of Kandal Province, which is out of Phnom Penh city. Three-wheeler taxis are a vibrant part of the transportation network in his area, and it emits far less CO2 emissions to the environment compared to old traditional three-wheeler.

He currently earns USD 20 a day on average from his new three-wheeler taxi, instead of USD 10 in the past. Combining this with his wife’s salary they have USD 250 per month for themselves and for their 3 children.


Prum Then is a loyal customer of LOLC and already received a second USD 3,550-microcredit to replace that traditional three-wheeler (tuk tuk) with a modern Bajaj RE three-wheeler.

From the first microcredit 2013 in the amount of USD 1,000 he bought a traditional three-wheeler (tuk tuk) to start the Taxi driver business.

“Many thanks to LOLC for supporting me to access capital and to innovate my business. I can increase my family income and afford to send all my children to school,” shared Prum Then.




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