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Invest in Visions focuses on sustainable growth with the vision of achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Our team believes that financial products should not only offer attractive returns on investments, but must also have positive sustainable effects on people and the environment. This is why we specialized on impact investing and build bridges between investors and promising projects every day. With enthusiasm and passion, we search for investment ideas that have the potential to create a world that is worth living in and focused on the future. We already help many persons escape poverty through their own efforts. To ensure the success of our projects, our team consists of specialists from various industries, such as banking, ratings agencies, microfinance institutions, asset management and development finance institutions. Our employees are our most important capital for realizing this vision. Our team is therefore composed of motivated persons who want to achieve their full potential in an environment focused on sustainability.

Business Development

Edda Schröder

Founder and Managing Director

Michael Zink

Chief Customer Officer

Stefanie Weber

Senior Business Development Manager

Mirko Gruhlke

Business Development Manager

Susanne Kischel

Business Development Manager

Nawid Jusofie

Nawid Jusofie

Business Development Manager

Maischa Friedrich

Product Analyst

Valerie Leip

Student (Business Administration)

Impact & Sustainability

Edda Schröder

Chief Sustainability Officer

Dr. habil. Moritz Isenmann

Senior Impact and Sustainability Manager

Ariane Schoen

Senior Impact Manager

Lisa Staudt

Risk and Sustainability Manager


Lars Siebert

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Moreno

Senior Finance and Accounting Manager

Carmen Candia-Beery

Legal and Contract Manager

Soledad Grossi Madcur

Finance and Accounting Manager

Mandy Horst

Finance and Accounting Manager

Lisa Staudt

Risk and Sustainability Manager

Mathias Nowak

Risk Manager

Portfolio Management

Dr. Carlos De las Salas

Chief Investment Officer

Elena Mende

Head of Transaction Management

Sergej Leon Shkolnikov, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Camellia Genova, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Susana Palate

Contract, Transaction and AML Manager

Luay Mreish

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Fernando Ortega, LL.M.

Contract and Portfolio Risk Manager

Inazi Sekhniashvili, LL.M.

Contract, Transaction and AML Manager

Lydia Lundgren

Contract, Transaction and AML Manager


Doreen Jung


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