Our Partners

For Invest in Visions, long-term and reliable partnerships are not only necessary, but an integral part of our business philosophy. We believe that trusted cooperation as equals produces the best results for investors, business partners and, especially, our microcredit borrowers in newly industrialized and developing countries. On the administrative level, since 2018, we have cooperated closely with our service capital management company, HANSAINVEST, in Hamburg, Germany, whose subsidiary, HANSAINVEST Lux, is our partner in Luxembourg. The investment advisors Agents for Impact (Germany), Developing World Markets (USA) and Incofin (Belgium) assist us with the search for suitable microfinance institutions and with financial and legal assessments worldwide.


Our capital management company (KVG)

HANSAINVEST was founded in 1969 and acts as a service capital management company for real assets and securities. In these areas, HANSAINVEST creates and manages label funds for initiators. At the end of 2019, the assets managed by HANSAINVEST in funds totaled nearly gross EUR 40 billion across 350 funds. In financial assets, HANSAINVEST also administers the mutual fund of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group. Portfolio management and sales are handled by HANSAINVEST’s subsidiaries. Through its subsidiary, HANSAINVEST LUX S.A., HANSAINVEST has also been active in Luxembourg since 1988 and can achieve solutions that are not possible in Germany.


Our Custodian Bank

Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft is a German bank based in Hamburg, Germany, and part of the Signal Iduna Group. Since 1999, Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft has been a service partner of institutional investors for custodian services for securities funds and real asset investment AIFs. As a custodian of real asset funds, open-ended real asset funds and real estate funds, Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft’s services include mutual undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITSs), mutual open and closed-ended AIFs and open and closed-ended special AIFs.


Our Advisors


Agents for Impact - Risk. Rating. Research.

As experienced experts who act with conviction and passion, we see Impact Investing as an optimal solution to the challenges of our time.

We build bridges between investors and the world of impact investing. Our goal is to create structures that enable sustainable investments (risk), render impact measurable and comparable (rating), and make financial inclusion structurally and legally possible for investors (research). Our goal is to create impact, which is fair, sustainable and responsible.


Developing World Markets (DWM) - a strong partner with a focus on emerging and frontier markets, impact investment credit analysis

DWM advises Invest in Visions in the selection of microfinance institutions as well as in country analysis. The US based firm is one of the oldest actors in the impact investment management space, having started its work in microfinance in 1999. In the last ten years, DWM-advised investment vehicles have made over 450 loans to more than 150 microfinance institutions totaling more than €1 billion in 40+ countries, and draws on this deep experience to open up new investment opportunities for Invest in Visons.

Incofin Investment Management - a strong partner with outstanding local expertise

The renowned rural microfinance specialist advises Invest in Visions in the selection of microfinance institutions as well as in country analyses. The Antwerp-based investment firm is a leading actor in the area of rural microfinance and has successfully closed about 700 microtransactions since 2003. With nearly 40 employees and offices in Antwerp (head office), Chennai, Nairobi, Bogota and Phnom Penh, Incofin IM supports microfinance institutions around the world with an investment volume of USD 500 million:

Furthermore, we maintain strong partnerships through our membership in various associations and initiatives. Such membership allows us to stay up to date about legal and administrative matters and to represent our interests, especially where sustainable financial products are concerned. The information and exchanges provided on our network benefit all of our partners equally.

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