Our Partners

For Invest in Visions, long-term and reliable partnerships are not only necessary, but an integral part of our business philosophy. We believe that trusted cooperation as equals produces the best results for investors, business partners and, especially, our microcredit borrowers in newly industrialized and developing countries. On the administrative level, since 2018, we have cooperated closely with our service capital management company, HANSAINVEST, in Hamburg, Germany, whose subsidiary, HANSAINVEST Lux, is our partner in Luxembourg. The investment advisors Agents for Impact (Germany), Developing World Markets (USA) and Incofin (Belgium) assist us with the search for suitable microfinance institutions and with financial and legal assessments worldwide.


Our capital management company (KVG)

HANSAINVEST was founded in 1969 and acts as a service capital management company for real assets and securities. In these areas, HANSAINVEST creates and manages label funds for initiators. At the end of 2019, the assets managed by HANSAINVEST in funds totaled nearly gross EUR 40 billion across 350 funds. In financial assets, HANSAINVEST also administers the mutual fund of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group. Portfolio management and sales are handled by HANSAINVEST’s subsidiaries. Through its subsidiary, HANSAINVEST LUX S.A., HANSAINVEST has also been active in Luxembourg since 1988 and can achieve solutions that are not possible in Germany.


Our Custodian Bank

Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft is a German bank based in Hamburg, Germany, and part of the Signal Iduna Group. Since 1999, Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft has been a service partner of institutional investors for custodian services for securities funds and real asset investment AIFs. As a custodian of real asset funds, open-ended real asset funds and real estate funds, Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft’s services include mutual undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITSs), mutual open and closed-ended AIFs and open and closed-ended special AIFs.


Our Advisors

Invest in Visions believes that by working together as equals in a spirit of trust, the best results can be achieved for investors, business partners, and especially for the microcredit borrowers in the countries.

Currently, Invest in Visions is advised by four firms, Agents for Impact, High Impact Capital Advisors, Incofin and Verdant Capital, and two external collaborators.

Agents for Impact

Agents for Impact started with a regional focus on South Asia and are steadily expanding their portfolio.
They also deal with various sustainability issues and advise investors and MFIs.

High Impact Capital Advisors

High Impact Capital Advisors from Hong Kong provide support, particularly for investments in China, and network with financial institutions that go beyond microfinance to contribute to the United Nations' sustainability goals.

Incofin Investment Management

Incofin is a specialist in rural microfi nancing. The Antwerp-based investment company has offices in Chennai, Nairobi, Bogota and Phnom Penh and has built a global network as a result.

Verdant Capital

Verdant Capital is our contact specifically for investments in Africa. The company is based in Johannesburg (South Africa) and is an expert for this continent.

Further cooperation partners and memberships

Furthermore, we maintain strong partnerships through our membership in various associations and initiatives. Such membership allows us to stay up to date about legal and administrative matters and to represent our interests, especially where sustainable financial products are concerned. The information and exchanges provided on our network benefit all of our partners equally.


Invest in Visions has signed several principles to underline their commitment to Impact Investing. For their part, the microfinance institutions with which they cooperate are committed to the Client Protection Pathway.

In addition, Invest in Visions has signed the European Transparency Code: The European Transparency Logo
for sustainability funds indicates that Invest in Visions GmbH is committed to providing accurate, adequate and timely information to enable interested parties to understand the sustainable investment approaches and methods of the respective fund.

Detailed information about the European Transparency Code can be found at www.eurosif.org. Information about the sustainable investment policy and its implementation of Invest in Visions GmbH can be found here. The Transparency Code is managed by Eurosif, an independent organization.

The European SRI Transparency Logo represents the fund manager's commitment as described above. It is not to be understood as an endorsement of any particular company, organization or individual.

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