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Invest in Visions – specialists for impact investments

Invest in Visions GmbH was founded by Edda Schröder in 2006 with the vision of offering institutional and retail investors access to impact investments - that is, investments that offer investors both financial and social returns.

We have made a name for ourselves as a pioneer in microfinance investments. In 2011, we achieved an important milestone with the launch of our IIV Mikrofinanzfonds, the first fund of this asset class in Germany for retail and institutional investors.

In addition to microfinance, we specialise in investments in sustainable agriculture, social enterprises and social impact lending (social bonds, for example, in the areas of healthcare, education, social housing). Thanks to our long-term experience and an extensive network of specialists, we are able to draw on considerable expertise when selecting and evaluating sustainable and social investment products.


The team at Invest in Visions firmly believes that financial products should do more than deliver attractive returns, they should also bring a positive impact in the long term. This is why we specialise in effect-oriented investments and build bridges between investors and promising projects. We look for investment ideas with the potential of creating a forward-looking world that is worth living in, and we do this with enthusiasm and passion.

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Incofin Investment Management – a strong partner with outstanding local expertise

The renowned rural microfinance specialist advises Invest in Visions in the selection of microfinance institutions as well as in country analyses. The Antwerp-based investment firm is a leading actor in the area of rural microfinance and has successfully closed about 700 microtransactions since 2003. With nearly 40 employees and offices in Antwerp (head office), Chennai, Nairobi, Bogota and Phnom Penh, Incofin IM supports microfinance institutions around the world with an investment volume of USD 500 million:


Developing World Markets (DWM) – a strong partner with a focus on emerging and frontier markets, impact investment credit analysis

DWM advises Invest in Visions in the selection of microfinance institutions as well as in country analysis. The US based firm is one of the oldest actors in the impact investment management space, having started its work in microfinance in 1999. In the last ten years, DWM-advised investment vehicles have made over 450 loans to more than 150 microfinance institutions totaling more than €1 billion in 40+ countries, and draws on this deep experience to open up new investment opportunities for Invest in Visons.



United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN Principles for Responsible Investment) are an investor initiative made up of capital owners, asset managers and financial service providers dedicated to the implementation of six principles of responsible investment. The network is considered one of the most prestigious in the field of impact investing. (Link to website)

Siegel Stiftungsgeeignet 2017/2018

Seal "Suitable for foundation 2017/2018"

The RenditeWerk, a Berlin-based publisher and advisor on foundation-relevant content, has developed a seal to help representatives find funds suitable for foundations. This certification was obtained by the IIV microfinance fund for 2017/2018. (Link to website)


Smart Campaign Endorser

The Smart Campaign includes seven principles for managing microfinance institutions with end-users (including transparency, responsible pricing). They have established themselves as minimum standards for the microfinance industry.

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Federal Association Alternative Investments e.V.

The BAI is committed to ensuring that professional investors in Germany can diversify their investments more easily and effectively into alternative asset classes, especially with a view to securing long-term German retirement savings. (Link to website)

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Mikrofinanzwiki is a portal and network of German institutions active in the areas of microfinance and financial sector development in developing, emerging and transition countries and working to strengthen these areas. (Link to website)

Verband unabhängiger Vermögensverwalter

Association of Independent Asset Managers

The Association of Independent Asset Managers Germany e.V. (VuV) represents the interests of bank-independent financial portfolio managers. Its primary objective is to help establish independent asset managers as important partners in the capital market and to strengthen the contact between its members.